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Skin, Nails & Foot Care

At Norwest Podiatry, we know it is Important to have healthy and pain free feet. However, there are many factors that leads to foot and nail problems for example normal wear and tear over the years, poor fitting shoes, improperly trimmed toenails, and Poor circulation of blood due to disease such as diabetes.


Regular Podiatry Visits ensures your feet are checked properly and care for so you can walk and run pain free. At Norwest podiatry we always use sterile instruments with aseptic technique. We provide a comprehensive foot and nail care. Skin and nail care includes treatment of nail conditions, Corns, Callouses, assisting elderly or individuals with their nail treatments who has difficulty reaching their feet.



Some of the skin and nail treatments are as follows:


General Care of feet and nails

Callous & Corns

Ingrown toenails

Warts / Verrucae

Fungal nail infection

Heel fissures /Cracks

Wounds and ulceration

Athlete’s foot/ foot odour


Fungal Nails


Onychomycosis or fungal nails are an increasing problem. Approximately 10% of the population is affected. Fungal nail infections have many causes usually use of non-sterile instruments in pedicure places or damage to the nail itself is the biggest factor. Some common signs are White or yellowish streaks on the nail, crumbling, distorted, brittle or thickened nail.

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