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Minor Foot Surgeries

Chronic ingrown toe nails and persistent verrucae/Warts are treated by a podiatrist with a minor surgery under local anesthetics to alleviate pain and discomfort.


Minor surgery for ingrown toe nail

Ingrown toe nail is the most common nail pain seen by podiatrist. At Norwest podiatry we treat ingrown toe nails primarily conservatively and then with a minor surgery if needed.

A minor nail surgery involve removing the side of the ingrown nail from base under local anesthetic in sterile conditions. Surgical removal of nail is simple, effective and safe and can be done within an hour.


Verrucae and warts

Stubborn Verrucae or warts that cannot be treated conservatively needs to eliminated form skin under local anesthetic.

At Norwest Podiatry a Podiatrist will assess your feet and take a detailed history of condition to assess what treatments will suit you the best. Call us now to make an appointment.

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